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Welcome to Moonstruck Fire Trucks
Entertainment Services in San Antonio, Texas

Are you looking for something unique and exciting in party entertainment or to fulfill a childhood dream? Then sound the alarm, as a BIG RED SHINY ANTIQUE FIRE TRUCK driven by a real professional firefighter, accompanied by a Dalmatian costume fire dog named, "Spotty" makes your special occasion the hottest ever! You too can be a HERO. Wear the FIRE CHIEFS hat! Take action photos in authentic firefighter gear! Climb aboard the Fire Truck! Have your flamin' cake cut with an axe! To dispatch a MOONSTRUCK FIRE TRUCK to your next party, call or email to schedule your reservation.

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Come aboard my big red shiny fire truck
How good it feels to be a little moonstruck

Don't be afraid, just climb inside
Take a seat and we'll go for a ride

To add some charm
We'll sound the alarm

Ride through your neighborhood and claim the day
Having lots of fun along the way

We'll make you a fire chief with hat and hose
Where this day leads nobody knows

We promise you a day filled with excitement and laughter
You'll always remember – forever and after

Remember the day you came aboard my big red shiny fire truck
And how great it felt to be a little moonstruck

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